Origondo Debuts With Efficient Outsourcing Platform to Quickly and Professionally Find, Hire and Collaborate With Service Providers

New Service Makes It Simple For Entrepreneurs and SMEs to Find High-Quality Providers of Services Such as Web Development, Design, Sales and Marketing, Writing, and Administrative Support

ZURICH, Feb. 13, 2013 – Today, Origondo announces the availability of its international online marketplace for services which can be provided electronically. Based on the entrepreneurial experience of bootstrapping a start-up with limited funds, Origondo makes it easy to find matching providers for a project while also taking care of the time-consuming administrative overhead of invoicing and managing payments.

“While using virtual workers as a start-up resource isn’t a new idea, the ability to find, hire and collaborate via an innovative online platform focused on process efficiency is,” said Marco Seiz, founder, Origondo. “Origondo provides a simple way to find and hire seasoned contractors online and have them start producing immediately. The Origondo platform makes it easy for buyers and providers to collaborate and efficiently meet deadlines while taking the pain out of the administrative tasks involved.”

Origondo provides high data security, secure payments and traceable progress. The service, designed for ease of use for buyers worldwide, is particularly well-suited to fit the needs of European companies, as it’s available in three languages (English, German and French) and accepts payments in three currencies (EUR, CHF, and USD). In addition, Origondo is an authorized Swiss financial intermediary, also offering escrow accounts.

Services hiring is set to double via online methods in 2013, according to Staffing Stream(1). Employers enjoy cost savings benefits from hiring outside providers, as many providers cover their own health care and retirement benefits and are responsible for their own office space.

How Does Origondo Work?

Those seeking service providers can easily post their projects for free on the Origondo site. Providers who are registered with Origondo can enter a quote on a project, while buyers may invite experts to quote. The buyer selects the preferred provider and awards the project. The project hub facilitates collaboration by organizing the exchange of messages and files, while helping to monitor progress with a log of messages and time spent. Invoicing is automated, ensuring timely payments to providers.

Pricing and Availability

For buyers, the service is free. For providers, sign-up and membership are free. When a project is awarded, Origondo charges a 10 percent Finder’s Fee, which is taken directly from the provider’s payments. Origondo also offers an affiliate program for referrals. Visit https://www.origondo.com/en/affiliate-program for more information.

About Origondo

Origondo, the online platform for efficient outsourcing, is the innovative way for buyers and providers to quickly and professionally do business together. As an international marketplace for services that can be provided electronically, Origondo gives entrepreneurs and SMEs a platform to collaborate and work with service providers, while taking the pain out of administrative tasks associated with hiring and paying them. The name, taken from “origo,” which is Latin for "source," and "condo,” Latin for "build," means the source for building projects. The company is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Visit https://www.origondo.com/en for more on how to get started for free as a buyer or provider.

(1) http://www.thestaffingstream.com/2013/01/02/the-year-of-the-freelancer-online-staffing-in-2013/